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FAQ/About Us

What forms of payment are accepted at the market?

All vendors accept cash, some accept Venmo or credit cards. All vendors accept market money. Market money can be purchased at the blue information booth tent using Venmo, Zelle or any major credit card.

Where does the produce come from?

All of our produce comes directly from the farms. All farmers proudly display their banner with farm name, where their farm is and the words "we grow what we sell."

How can I be sure your produce is truly farm direct?

Our certified farmers market is highly regulated by state and county agriculture officials. All farms are routinely inspected. Agriculture officials perform about 4 surprise inspections every year at our market. They know what our farmers grow, where it is grown and how much of it they grow. If officials are suspicious of anything, they will go directly to the farm for further inspection. Violations are taken very seriously and could include the farmer being removed from every market in the State of California.

Is the produce organic?

Some farmers are certified organic and will display signs indicating they are. Other farmers do not want to go through the expense and trouble of becoming certified organic and may claim they farm organically. This is not legally enforceable. Feel free to ask our farmers how they handle pest management. 

How can I sell at the market?

We limit our market to the sale of fresh produce and related food items. We do not allow crafts in the market. Certified farmers should contact the market directly to discuss selling. Prepared foods are extremely limited. Contact the market for more details. 

Can you tell me about your farmers market?

Our farmers market is locally run by Santa Clarita resident and Market Manager Larry.  A customer of the market on it's first day in 2015, he began selling produce at the market for a farmer in 2018. When founder and longtime manager Greta Dunlap retired, he took over operations in 2019. 

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