Farmers and Food Artisans

Our Farmers

Gutierrez Farms - Coming from Nipomo on California's central coast, the Gutierrez family grows central coast vegetables, dry red silk beans and squash and squash blossoms. However, they are known for their berries. They grow blueberries, raspberries, blackberries and strawberries year round. Thanks to the mild climate on the coast, they are able to provide our market with great produce. Matriarch Marta manages the farm while daughter Vilma and granddaughter Jonette bring the produce to our market. 


Urban Fresh Farms - Farmer Guido (we call him Emilio) is a 2nd generation farmer from right here in the Santa Clarita Valley. His 40 acre certified organic farm is located in Val Verde. He brings fresh eggs to our market along with fresh herbs and all sorts of wonderful greens.

Patty Flowers - Farmer Treno grows the freshest flowers just down the road from us in Santa Paula. He also has growing grounds in Camarillo. Flowers do vary from week to week but include roses, sunflowers, daisies, lilies, bells of Ireland and much more. His sons bring the flowers out to our market each week.


Blue Ridge Honey - With honey being the 3rd most fraudulently traded product in the world, it is important to know your beekeeper. Beekeepers Dave and sons Jeremy and Donovan bring us local honey while mom Wendi runs the office and can be found at farmers markets around our area. We are thrilled to have the highest quality honey from just down the road.

Harvest Gathering Farm - Located in Ojai, rancher Wendy brings us meat raised the old fashioned way. All of her animals are raised in open pastures with tons of open space. They are moved around the farm which helps with soil health. Her chicken and pork are second to none. Her grass fed beef and lamb are amazing and far more healthier for eating. Around the holidays, her heritage turkeys are available via pre-order only and they do sell out. 


Acton Farms - Gary and Debbie grow super nutritious microgreens just north of us in Acton. The living microgreens they bring to the market can have up to 10 times the nutrients of their mature counterparts. They have all sorts of mixes and single varieties to choose from. We are discovering more and more things we can do with them every week.

Achadinha Cheese Company - The Pacheco family are 3rd and 4th generation dairy farmers in Petaluma. They take the milk from the cows and goats on their farm and make wonderful products with them. Their broncha cheese is a unique hard cheese and they also offer feta cheese and cheese curds. Their fromage blanc is a great substitute for cream cheese but their flavored and plain kefir is like nothing you have ever had.


Arreola Farms - Located near the coast in Oxnard, farmer Jaime and his son Juan bring a huge assortment of local vegetables to us. They are famous for their triple washed salad mixes. They also bring us potatoes, squash, lettuces, radishes, artichokes, herbs, carrots, tomatoes, green beans and more. 

Verni and Halabi Farms - From Fresno comes incredible olive oil from Verni Farms. They offer an extra virgin olive oil and a special reserve frist pressing that is deep green and full of flavor. They also bring walnuts and almonds. During the summer, they have wonderful stone fruits. During the winter they have great citrus. They also offer dried fruit year round. 


Ken's Top Notch - Coming from the town of Reedly, just north of Fresno. Located in the top growing area of our state, Ken's brings amazing citrus, mandarins, grapefruit during the winter and grapes, cherries and summer stone fruit during the summer. All of their produce is certified organic.

Aziz Farms - Second generation farmer Mark Tadros grows dates in the Coachella Valley where almost all California dates are grown. They have several varieties and also bring rare red and yellow dates to our market and young dates when in season.